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File Name:haloDividers11.gif
Resolution:18 x 20 pixels

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Total Views: 131
Total Snags: 387

Tags:   Bars Dividers Halloween Black Swirl Baras Negro

Last snagged by: Jane Pettersen

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Help Topics

How to use Images & Videos on yTagi

You can easily use images & video from yTagi as Profile Comments on sites like MySpace, Hi5, Tagged, Facebook, or simply use them as profile, website or blog decoration.  First, search for the item you are interested in, then click the "HTML" code box to copy the code for the image or video.  Then paste the code directly to your comment, profile, or blog.

HTML code for image.   Click box - copy code.

NOTE: If your social network or blog uses a special editor - make sure to select "Allow HTML" or "HTML Code" before you paste the HTML code from yTagi.

To use the images or video on a forum or discussion site, copy the "IMG Code" from yTagi and paste to your post on the forum. The "IMG Code" is available on the full size view page for an image or video.

How to use the Snagger

NOTE: Note the yTagi Snaggertm is currently only supported for the Internet Explorer browser - we are working on similar tools for other major browsers.
This section will teach you how to use The yTagi Snaggertm to snag images and videos and add them to your collection on The Snagger installs in seconds and adds a menu item to your Internet Explorer "Right Mouse Click" menu options.

Figure 1 - Right Mouse Menu over an Image
on a MySpacetm profile page.

To snag an image off of any site or profile, just point at the image with your mouse and "Right Click" to show the Snaggertm.  When you choose "Snag Image to yTagi" your browser will immediately "grab" the image and take you to a page where you can get HTML code to use the image yourself... as a comment, or perhaps on your MySpacetm or other social network profile.

You can also use the Snagger to grab videos right off of popular video sites like including YouTubetm, Google Video, MetaCafe, and MySpace Video, and many others. Just fully select the HTML "Embed" code offered by these sites, and "Right Click" to show the Snaggertm menu option:

Figure 2 -Right Mouse Menu over selected HTML Code
on a YouTubetm video page.

As you snag images and video - you add them to yTagi, and they can be a permanent part of your personal collection so once you find the comments, images, and videos you like - you don't have to go searching for them again all over the web.

In addition, is an active and fun Social Network where you can meet and interact with other people who love art, graphics, video, photography and more.  yTagi let's you organize your collection, and find friends who share similar interests. So what are you waiting for? Grab the yTagi Snaggertm and get started!

NOTE: Note the yTagi Snaggertm is currently only supported for the Internet Explorer browser - we are working on similar tools for other major browsers.

Add Images & Videos to your Collection

Adding images or videos to your collection is easy!  To start, you can add any image or video on yTagi just by going to the full size view for the item and pressing the "Add to Collection" button.

Add Image to Collection button
on a full size view page.

You must have an account and be signed in, but once you press the button you will be able to "Tag & Categorize" the image. Tags & categories are your personal way to keep your collection organized as it grows. Once you finish tagging the image, it will be part of your collection. The process is identical for videos from yTagi, except you start on the full size page for the video.

You can also add images and videos directly to your collection from external sites using the yTagi Snaggertm for Internet Explorer, or by going directly to the "Add to Collection" page listed under the "My Collection" menu.  Simply copy and paste HTML code provided by the external site, to add the image or video to yTagi.  You can use this to add images or videos from sites like,, and many others!

Change Your Default Picture or Avatar

There are two ways you can add or change your default profile picture:
  1. Directly Add Code for a Pic from a photo hosting site
  2. Use any image on yTagi as your default profile pic
1. To add a pic from a hosting like (like or  just go to your "Edit Profile" page - and paste the HTML code (or full image URL) provided by your image hosting site into the box, and press the "Add Default Pic" button.

2. Using any image on yTagi as your profile defualt pic is also a very simple matter.  To start, you must have already added the image to yTagi. To learn how to add items click here.

After the image is in your collection in yTagi, go to the full size view of the image, and simply click the "Use as Default Pic" button under the code boxes.

Use as Default Pic button
on a full size view page.

You will be taken immediately to your "Edit Profile" page where you may confirm or reject the image as your new default picture. You will also see images you have recently used as your default picture which may be used again. You are free to use any image as your default picture, such as avatars, icons, dolls, or other images that appeal to you... so have fun!

Edit Profile & Background

Changing your profile background image is not hard. First, find any image you want to use as your profile background. Then select the "Use as Profile Background" button from the full size view for the image, under the code boxes as shown below:

Use as Profile Background button
on a full size view page.

Once you click the button, you will be immediately taken to a page where you will preview the image as your profile background image. After the preview expires - you will land on your "Edit Profile" page, and you can save (or reject) the image as your new profile background.

From the "Edit Profile" page you can also make a whole range of design and information changes to your profile, including controlling the color of boxes, borders, text and transparency on your profile, as well as editing personal information about you. Additional settings for your account, including prviacy settings for your profile are available by selecting "Account Settings" under the Profile Menu tab.

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Paste HTML code for image or video below:
  or upload image from your computer

Add Image Using HTML Code or URL

Use Box Below to add a photo or image from an external hosting website. You can add from sites such as, Photobucket, Imageshack, Myspace and others by using the HTML code they provide.
Paste HTML code or URL for image below:

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(Choose 'My Personal Pics' for photos of family, friends, camping, pets, Choose 'My Images' for comment graphics, decorative images, designs, backgrounds, glitter-text etc.)

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