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    How to use the Snagger

    This tutorial will teach you how to use The to snag images and videos and add them to your collection on The Snagger installs in seconds and adds a menu item to your Internet Explorer "Right Mouse Click" menu options.

    Figure 1 - Right Mouse Menu over an Image
    on a MySpacetm profile page.

    To snag an image off of any site or profile, just point at the image with your mouse and "Right Click" to show the Snaggertm.  When you choose "Snag Image to yTagi" your browser will immediately "grab" the image and take you to a page where you can get HTML code to use the image yourself... as a comment, or perhaps on your MySpacetm or other social network profile.

    You can also use the Snagger to grab videos right off of popular video sites like YouTubetm, Google Video, MetaCafe, and MySpace Video, and many others. Just fully select the HTML "Embed" code offered by these sites, and "Right Click" to show the Snaggertm menu option:

    Figure 2 -Right Mouse Menu over selected HTML Code
    on a YouTubetm video page.

    As you snag images and video - you add them to yTagi, and they can be a permanent part of your personal collection so once you find the comments, images, and videos you like - you don't have to go searching for them again all over the web.

    In addition, is an active and fun Social Network where you can meet and interact with other people who love art, graphics, video, photography and more.  yTagi let's you organize your collection, and find friends who share similar interests. So what are you waiting for? Grab the yTagi Snaggertm and get started!

    -- The yTagi Team

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